Dear President Tusk,

I applaud the recent passage of the European Parliament’s resolution recognizing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism, which is a crucial step in the fight against this age-old hatred.

As a supporter of the World Jewish Congress, American Section, I am writing along with thousands of other concerned members of the global Jewish community to urge all Member States within the EU to formally adopt the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism. This is a key step in standing strong against the resurgence of anti-Semitic violence and hatred that has taken hold across too many European countries.

Anti-Semitism, the world’s oldest form of racism, continues to manifest itself through violence and intimidation directed at Jews, as well as attacks against Jewish religious freedom, traditions, and religious and communal sites and institutions.

In keeping with the European Union’s motto, “United in Diversity,” I implore those governments who have not yet adopted this definition to do so immediately. It is a necessary and crucial step in the fight against the violent and virulent anti-Semitism that is currently flourishing in too many parts of Europe.




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