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Dear friends,

The World Jewish Congress is always on the ground – in more than 100 countries across six continents – working to provide support to our network of global Jewish communities. Today, at a time of unprecedented crisis, challenge, and conflict, when the people in Ukraine and hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine are suffering, and as we face a critical moment in history, the World Jewish Congress continues to stand ready to help in every way possible.

Through the World Jewish Congress Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Effort, we are raising critical funds that will go a long way to ensure that those displaced by the current tragedy, and the people of Ukraine who are enduring horrific hardships, will receive the aid they so desperately need for food, water, shelter, medicine, and resettlement, among other life-saving resources.

We are uniquely proud of the WJC’s affiliated communities across central and eastern Europe that have been working tirelessly and effectively to coordinate various forms of emergency assistance. Funds raised through WJC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Effort will be put to immediate use to support their heroic undertakings, today, tomorrow, and in the many months to come. In addition, as necessary, we will allocate resources to known and trusted relief organizations and agencies. One hundred percent of funds raised will be used for these purposes.

Please join us, answer our appeal, and contribute as much as you can to this humanitarian effort. By doing so, you will send the urgent message to those who need us the most right now that they are not forgotten or alone. Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your generosity and humanity.


Ronald S. Lauder
President, World Jewish Congress



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