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Thank you for joining #WeRemember, the world’s largest Holocaust remembrance event. Your participation honors the memories of our ancestors and ensures that future generations will never forget what was lost.

Please take the next step now by making an urgently needed contribution to the World Jewish Congress, American Section, to help support all the efforts of the World Jewish Congress to protect and defend vulnerable Jewish communities around the globe. With your support, we will continue to honor our ancestors by fighting to eradicate the age-old hatred of anti-Semitism.

All Jews Are Responsible


#GivingTuesday is #TzedakahTuesdayTM for the World Jewish Congress, in honor of the Hebrew word which translates to “justice” or “righteousness. We’re trying to set a new record by raising $36,000, which means double “chai,” or life in the Jewish tradition.

Help us meet our double chai fundraising goal today!

This #GivingTuesday your one-time or monthly donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

Your tax-deductible gift to the World Jewish Congress, American Section, will be matched dollar-for-dollar to support the WJC’s vital efforts to fight for justice on behalf of the global Jewish community.

All Jews Are Responsible
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The World Jewish Congress, American Section, is a not for profit organization that supports the work and projects of the World Jewish Congress, the international organization representing Jewish communities in 100 countries to governments, parliaments and international organizations.


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