Managing Director Philipp Justus:

Dear Mr. Justus,

I am writing today regarding a matter of great concern to Jews and Jewish communities around the world, and especially to survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and their families.

YouTube is one of the largest distributors of video content in the world; and hosting videos of offensive songs by bands like neo-Nazis 'Kommando Freisler' that glorify Hitler and the mass murder of six million Jews is an unacceptable breach of your own code of conduct.

Indexing Kommando Freisler songs, and those from other hate-mongering bands, so they are inaccessible in Germany is not the solution. These songs constitute incitement to hatred.

As a member of the World Jewish Congress, I am calling on Google, in the strongest possible terms, to take all necessary steps now to comply with the law – and with your own user guidelines – and to work with your colleagues at Google US and in other countries to make sure that these repulsive videos are removed and made inaccessible across the globe.

Google must finally crack down on this deeply troubling issue. The World Jewish Congress stands ready to assist you in identifying offensive material, but we expect you will take a more responsible, proactive approach toward alleviating this problem.